Possession of the ball

On the basis of the approved plan of the CMC “Physical education”, the teacher Rakhmetova S. T. held an open lesson master class with the use of ITC. Classes were conducted with a group of 104IS 3-pair.Under the section ” Sports games. Football.» Theme classes: – Possession of the ball: waging, stopping and strikes on […]

WorldSkills Kazakhstan-2019

On 27.11.2019, a festive event for participants of the national championship WorldSkills Kazakhstan-2019 was held in the Assembly hall of the College. This event was attended by the Director of the College G. T. Aldiyarov, Deputy Director for OIA T. U. kydyrbayev, parents and leaders of the participants and Director of LLP “AEMK Zharyk” N. […]


Congratulations to the Chairman of the CMC “Social and social disciplines”, teacher of the subject “History of Kazakhstan” Eltezerova Gauhar Suindikovna with a letter of thanks from the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan!!!

Leadership hour

Today, Aktobe higher Polytechnic College held a lesson “leadership”, dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A graduate of our College, who arrived at a meeting with students, the head of the regional specialized children’s and youth sports school of the Olympic reserve Jafarov Galib musayevich told that the […]

My profession is my pride

29.11.19 students of group 101 from Aktobe higher Polytechnic College took part in the Republican scientific and practical conference ” my profession is my pride!at school-Lyceum No. 15 there was a conference for parents on the theme:” Purpose: to acquaint students with professions, to develop an idea of the importance of the profession of electrician, to […]


NAO “Kasikor” organized a Showcase of innovative and methodological developments in the field of teaching and learning for teachers. The project is aimed at identifying and supporting pedagogical ideas, initiatives and projects in the field of teaching and learning in order to spread the modern approach to teaching and implementation in the educational process of […]

Information message

On November 27,28 of the current year for teachers of College the training seminar on a subject “Use of a site for electronic portfolios of teachers”was held. Responsible for conducting was Hodjanıazova J. T., Haıryllaev R. A. The purpose of the seminar was to familiarize teachers with the structure of developing an electronic portfolio of […]

League of college

From September, 15  for November,     20  20 of 2019 годда    competitions  were conducted  on football   among      the students of І – ІІ   course  within the framework of   ” League  of college” . More than 17 commands took   part  in  competitions  . On results a competition:: І место- 103 ace ІІ место- 105ас ІІІ место-101эл   […]

Results of the AK-74 Kalashnikov assault rifle disassembly and Assembly competition

On November 28, in honor of the celebration of” December 1-the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and December 16-the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the military-Patriotic club “Zhas Sarbaz” organized a competition among College students on the Assembly of Kalashnikov AK-74 weapons.Competitions were held at the level of […]