Since March 16 of this year, Aktobe higher Polytechnic College has switched to distance learning using the MOODLE system, the purpose of which is to ensure the preservation of life and health of students and teachers, as well as to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection during the pandemic. All students were given a username […]

Competitions of abstracts.

Date, month: 02/17/2020zh, 4 pairs Group: 301 PG Subject: “Technical analysis and production control” The group was divided into 4 teams and defended their essays on a given topic. Various methods were used in the competitions, as well as essays were conducted on slide shows. Students actively participated and showed themselves.             Topics: Team I – […]

Open lesson by the method of CLIL

21.03.2019 (4 pair,101 cabinet)in the subject«Өндірістік бақылау және техникалық талдау»   group 301 PG passed an open lesson by the method of CLIL and ICT. In the open lesson, various methods were used, as well as a lecture on slide shows, videos and analysis of chemical devices. The open lesson was held at the highest level, […]

Open lesson dedicated to the Independence Day

On December 16, there was an open lesson among 201PG, 203PG students dedicated to the Independence Day, on the theme “Тәуелсіз-теңдесі жоқ байлығым”.The opening hours of which were accompanied by the “ҚР әнұраны”, the song “Атамекен”, the song “Желтоқсан желі”, “Қос алқа” күйі , as well as poems. Next, the student was provided with a […]

Olympiad on subjects” Oil and Gas business “

Нажмите кнопку «Редактировать», чтобы изменить этот текст. Проснувшись однажды утром после беспокойного сна, Грегор Замза обнаружил, что он у себя в постели превратился в страшное насекомое. On December 17-18 of the current year the Olympiad on subjects” oil and Gas business ” among students of the 2nd course was held. This event was organized to […]

Lesson on the use of ICT on ” Determining the actual bulk density of cement”

10.12.2019, in the section “technical discipline” the teacher of the cyclic methodical Association “discipline oil and gas business “Galaeva J. held classes with the use of ICT and competence” to determine the actual bulk density of cement”,” the technological process of oil, gas and gas condensate”,”basic techniques and technologies of drilling and development of oil […]