The team of the Aktobe higher Polytechnic College for taking the 3rd place in the volleyball competition among College students dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Aktobe medical College named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Manshuk Mambetova. Team coach Aidar Smagulov.  

Congratulations   Congratulations to Anna Sokolova, a student of the 102C group, who took 2nd place in the XX Spartakiad among students of special educational institutions of professional education, in competitions in cross-country skiing in winter sports. In this competition, the team of Aktobe Higher Polytechnic College took the IV team place.

Football in the snow

On February 4-18, 2020, the college college championship was held among students of 1-2 courses of the Aktobe Higher Polytechnic College. 31 teams took part in the championship, a total of 180 participants. Competition Results:                                  I – place 102 IP        II place – 201 RM      III place – 103AC Best player – Akimbay Batyrkhan 201RM […]

Ski track is calling

  Ski calls Skiing competitions were held among the groups of I-III courses of the Aktobe higher Polytechnic College. The competition was held on February 6 at the Paton ski base in Kirpichny. . 42 athletes participated in the competition. According to the competition program: girls at a distance of 1500 m and boys at […]

The League Started .

In our College started the traditional game of the national football League ” Football in the snow.” Competitions are held on the open College football field from 04.02 to 14.02. Teams OF I-II courses take part in League games. The winning team is awarded a passing Cup and certificates. A College team was formed from […]


Ongratulations!According to the results of the half year of the XX regional Spartakiad among college students, the team of the Aktobe Polytechnic College took 1st place among the college teams. The competition was attended by teams of 31 colleges. In particular, the college chess team (trainer Zhalgasov E) took first place, and among the young […]

Schedule of ski training classes for students of Aktobe higher Polytechnic College for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Location: ski base “PATON” S. brick. Time :from 12-00 hours № Study groups number of students  time of holding  Full Name Of The Teacher 1 202С101Б 2325 15.01.2020ж. Султанов М.Т.Рахметова С.Т. 2 104ИС101ИС 2525 16.01.2020ж. РахметоваС.Т.Испимбетов К.А. 3 202С101Б 2325 17.01.2020ж. Султанов М.Т.Рахметова С.Т. 4 104ИС101ИС 2525 20.01.2020ж. Рахметова С.ТИспимбетов К.А. 5 101РМ102ИС 2525 21.01.2020ж. […]

Competitios in basketball

О Information about participation in competitios in basketball in the program of the XX-Regional sports contest of students of colleges From 18 to 20 December 2019, on the basis of the program of the XX-Regional Spartakiad of College students in sports, the national basketball team of Aktobe Higher Polytechnic College took part in competitions and […]