Қашықтықтан оқыту

Ағымдағы жылдың 16 наурызынан бастап Ақтөбе жоғары политехникалық колледжі MOODLE жүйесі бойынша қашықтықтан оқытуға көшті. Қазақстанда қашықтықтан оқыту аса кең таралмаған, дегенмен ол жыл өткен сайын танымал бола түсуде. Бірақ қашықтықтан оқыту жаңа нәрсе емес, және барлық студенттерді қашықтықтан оқытуға көшу қазақстандық білімнің икемділігін көрсетеді. Сабақтың форматы желіде және желіден тыс байланыстарды: аудио және видео […]

Olympiad of natural sciences

On March 10, the 2nd round of the intra-college Olympiad in mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and computer science was held.Mathematics Olympiad Results1st place – Mikhail Alikhan 101 AC 26/26 Chemistry Olympiad Results1st place – Tulebaev M 102 TM 9/10 Results of the Biology Olympiad1st place – Kumykbaeva Sabina 66/70 Results of the Informatics Olympiad1st place […]

Extracurricular activities in dormitories

02/28/2020 held extracurricular activities for students of the hostel. Lesson theme: “Idea and game” The purpose of extracurricular activities: Educational: to deepen the interest and knowledge of students through a competition. Developing: thinking, memory, development of speech, development of creative abilities. Educational: the ability to evaluate students and listen to each other in teamwork. A […]

“Panorama of pedagogical ideas” video lessons competition among college teachers

“Panorama of pedagogical ideas” video lessons competition among college teachers RULES Methodical cabinet of Aktobe Higher Polytechnic College and cyclic methodical association “Natural science disciplines” announces a competition of video lessons “Panorama of pedagogical ideas” among college teachers. Purpose and tasks The purpose of the competition is to accumulate and propagate modern pedagogical experience in […]

Open lesson with the use of ICT!

24.12.2019 tulaeva Sandugash Kereevna held an open lesson with the use of ICT at the group of 102 IS. The topic of the open lesson is “Solving the simplest trigonometric inequalities”. Lesson type: lesson-consultation. Goals and objectives of the lesson: 1) educational – to work out the ability to systematize, summarize the knowledge gained in […]

Congratulations on the victory Shagraeva Mereilim Erlanovna “TOP 100 College students of the Republic of Kazakhstan” all Department of Information systems!

Sugreeva Merelim Erlanovna was born on 16 November 2002 in the city of Atyrau. There are 6 people in the family. Childhood in the town of Kulsary, Zhylyoi district of Atyrau region. In 2008, for the first time crossed the threshold of the school. Excellent student with 1 class. During the school holidays took part […]

Мath lesson presentation

12. 2019 teacher of mathematics tulaeva Sandugash Kereevna in group 102 В held an open lesson on “Solving the simplest and reducible logarithmic equations”, which is included in the section “Logarithms”.   Lesson objectives: * educational: the formation of knowledge about different ways to solve logarithmic equations, the ability to apply them in each situation […]

Open math lesson

28.11. 2019, in the group of 101 IS, an open lesson in mathematics was held by Suleimenova Gulnar Isaevna. The topic of the lesson is included in the section “Trigonometry”. Lesson topic: Basic trigonometric identities. The purpose of the lesson: ensuring the assimilation of knowledge in their system. Tasks: 1) teaching – reproduction and correction […]


In November 14, 2019, the regional scientific and practical center for continuing education “Aktobe-Daryn” passed the regional stage of the republican competition of scientific projects in general subjects. The competition was attended by 516 students in 16 sections. Among these participants, 21 students participated from the Aktobe Higher Polytechnic College and won prizes. ІІ level- […]