IT course

In order to become a true IT specialist, the main task is to constantly improve knowledge. From 06 to 23 January 2020, the teacher of the Department” information systems “Kobdabayeva Shynar Amangeldyevna took advanced training courses in the program “training in computer science: the programming language “Python”.

Local history Museum

17.01.20 our students of groups 206 is curator Bakhitzhanova M. B. and 201B curator Esetova M. K visitors Aktobe regional Museum of local history – (cultural and educational institution). The Museum was established in 1929. It has departments of nature, archeology, architecture, and Ethnography, which the students liked very much. The Museum displays: minerals, soils, […]

Information message

On January 17, 2020, 202 TM group passed a comprehensive exam in the specialty 1014000 “engineering Technology”. The exam was attended by an engineer-Metallurgist of JSC “AZNO” Aitchanov Kairat, a Methodist for UPR Kanalin K. S., a teacher of special disciplines Suyunova G. U. and Aitzhanov M.

25th anniversary of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan

On January 16, this year, the Aktobe higher Polytechnic College held a round table on the theme “Kogamdyk produtsiyasy-turaktylykta”, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan. Participants: Saparov Tulikivi of Denisovich, Sarsenbin Umbuchen Kuandykuly, Muldimedia Bekzat Orynbasarovna, Kabakbaev Gangabal the jumagalievich, the Aziyev Esenbel the Amangeldinovich. Deputy Director for educational […]


On 14.01.20, a seminar-meeting was held for the heads of the Department, responsible teachers for the College website, and the chairmen of the CMC.  The ICT methodologist N. B. Sakebaeva provided information about materials in three languages published on the College’s website, as well as an analysis of information about the work done in the […]


Ongratulations!According to the results of the half year of the XX regional Spartakiad among college students, the team of the Aktobe Polytechnic College took 1st place among the college teams. The competition was attended by teams of 31 colleges. In particular, the college chess team (trainer Zhalgasov E) took first place, and among the young […]

Final conference on industrial practice

09.01.2020 the final conference on the production practice of the group 307 as specialty 1305000 “automation and management”was held. The final conference was attended by Deputy Director of UPR kydyrbayev T. U., Methodist for UPR Kanalin K. S. and engineer of the organization “Keruen city” LLP Ratov S.  At the conference, students defended their practice […]

Final conference of industrial practice

On January 05.2020 the final conference of industrial practice of students of the 4th year of the specialty 1305000 “Information systems”was held. The final conference was held in the form of a defense, during which students talked about the company, about the mentor, about the types of work performed, in conclusion, it was concluded that […]